Gestures, is a sans serif typeface in four weights in which every letter (AZ, a–z) has a scribbly sibling originating from human hand drawings. It’s a complementary feature to the main set where scribble lines overrule readability. It can be used for headlines as well as hiding in a longer text. The typeface also contains other OpenType features like ligatures or case sensitive forms and it embraces an extensive number of Latin languages, Vietnamese and Pinyin.

To see the complete character set
download a PDF specimen

For years we have been acquiring new typefaces drawn by independent type foundries from all over the globe. New project = new typeface. Jolana Sýkorová, who carefully selects those typefaces, started working on our very own Moniker typeface a few years ago and now version 1.0 is ready for release.
Stay tuned for updates!

Feel free to ask for a trial version of Gestures at

Jolana’s own hands annoyingly change the settings back to the intended value. Do you like them?
They are sold separately here ↓

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Concept & Production: Luna
Maurer and Roel Wouters
Typeface Design: Jolana Sýkorová
Development Website: Thomas Boland
Hand Assets Production: Grischa Erbe
Voices: Roel Wouters as Anatomia, Luna Maurer as The Greatfisher
Text: Luna Maurer and Roel Wouters
Kerning & Typography Consultation: Jan Charvát